Friday, June 27, 2008


tuesday, august 19th
Glue (NY, members of attitude)
penchblende (ontario)
all hype (bunch of jerks from here)
face reality (yeah dude)

@static age
104 south main
romeo, mi


we will be opening so get there early!!!

we will also be recording this week.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

First gig recap.

First of all I'd like to thank everyone that came to the show we played on Sunday (6/8/8) at Refuge. Biggest thanks to Mad Minds and their bros from Cleveland for coming and having fun on a semi-short notice. Thanks to Red Handed for stopping here on tour... Seriously check this band out if they come to your area on this tour... Also thanks to the major storm that busted through for not taking us all.

Apologies for the show starting late, I did not know the P. A. was fucked up and it called for some serious last minute hard work (major props to Ryan Felton and Tim Maze).

We played first... Obviously. I'm not too sure about how we sounded, but it felt like we played very tight for a first show. There was some footage I believe, that is not up yet. We played this song (second of the two).

Second was Dragtown. This band is the future of Michigan hardcore. I can not say enough about them. Do yourself and check them out. They played a couple goodies such as this and this.

Next was Cleveland's Mad Minds. I had the pleasure of seeing this band's first show in Cleveland in early January, and I had to get them on this show after I heard the Red Handed show in Clevo fell through. Cool Life's Blood cover as well as this one. Awesome, thankful guys and I would love to see/gig with them again.

Last was Red Handed. Bummed most people left before they got on, but it was a Sunday night and that must be understood. This band rips, was a ton of fun. Goofy moshing all around. They could not be more understanding and thankful for everything.

Shout outs to Randy Staat, Ryan Coleman, Jeff Hess for snoozing his way out of this one, Dr. L of Bridge 9 fame, Ryan Felton, Edge Master Ken, and Refuge for letting us do this.

4 song demo next week? I'm not promising anything but just a warning.

Straight edge.


Thursday, June 5, 2008

First show update

Dragtown has been added to our first gig. A few young punks who bust out some Cro-Mags-influenced jams. The price has also been upped to $7. Gotta pay two bands who drove a long time to play and gas is at over $4 a gallon. Sorry!