Friday, July 11, 2008


Yo, I couldn't figure out how to put songs up on this so I went ahead and put the last two songs of the demo on the My Space that we have. Check it out. Thanks to Hess/Right Idea for the kind words. Also thanks to Chris Trestain for working with us. We're ordering tapes soon and then all we have to do is transfer the songs onto the tapes and print out covers. We're doing a limited cover too, so if you're interested, let one of us know and we'll try and set one aside.
Also, our good friends and guitar player's other band, All Hype, just left for tour today. They just got their 7"s in and they are hand numbered out of 60, although there is only 50 according to Ryan Felton. Be sure to pick one up and see them on tour. See you next month, buds.

That's all for now.