Sunday, August 17, 2008


After hours upon hours of slaving in front of this record player, I finally have all the tapes done. They're available for order. See our myspace page for ordering info. We did a friends press that are all gone that were out of 25 and a normal press of 75. Pick one up at a show or paypal Casey for one.

There is a Face Reality review in the new There's Nothing Like It zine (issue #3). Andrew Lee is an impeccable dude.

New songs are being written, we hope for a new release early 2009.

On October 2nd, an honorable gig will be taking place at Refuge Skateboardshop featuring LEWD ACTS, Grand Rapids thrashers Positive Noise, Delta City bro dogs All Hype, and Face Reality. More deets to come.

Coming up in November is a Clevo weekend with Face Reality, All Hype, and OVERLOAD. I could not be more excited. It's going to be taking place the weekend before thanksgiving. We're going to Cleveland friday, Grand Rapids saturday, and Romeo sunday. Talk about a gig fest. Again, more deets to come.

Just an update on what's going on at Face Reality HQ. Shirts soon? Sweaters? Who knows? Can I kick it? Yes you can.


Saturday, August 2, 2008


So Neimi is back from tour, we will start practicing again this week and writing more songs, We are also going to be playing more shows. Alot of people have been showing interest in face reality and it's awesome, i couldn't be more excited. The cassettes are in we just have to dub them and print out the covers, hit up if you want one shipped to you, we will also have them august 19th at static age.