Monday, October 27, 2008

fall is here.

We've joined the Dead End Records crew. They will graciously be putting out a 7" for us in early 2008. Thanks a lot to Derek for the oppurtunity.

We'll be recording 2 new songs to put on a cd-r to bring to Cleveland with us in November. It'll be 2 new ones, a demo song, and maybe a cover. We're not sure yet.

Straight edge.
Positive change.

Monday, October 20, 2008

see you soon, boys.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Thursday, October 16, 2008


First and foremost:
Right Idea's record release was fucking awesome. Thanks to the Mads Minds dudes for the gear, Nick/Hope This Helps for getting at us, Jeff Hess for being the reason people have even heard our name in Cleveland, and the dudes that gave us money for tapes to get home! We can not fucking wait to come back to Ohio! See you dudes in November.

10/10 we played in Lansing, but I left a little early before the show to meet up with the Dragtown dudes to skate the park out there. Crucial times. Dragtown and Louder Than Bombs were great. We got the best reaction we've ever had so far in our 5-show career. Thanks to everyone. Jon Crays took a couple photos for us, which can be found on the Face Reality myspace. KT/Safe In Sound booking really helped us out and we can't wait to come back and play a little later in the year.

We're almost outta tapes and we're basically all out of cd's! So if you need one, contact us somehow and we'll get one to you ASAP!

We've been writing a few new songs that are almost done and will hopefully at least be on a cd-r by our Cleveland weekend in November with All Hype and Overload. We'll hopefully have shirts by then too. We just need a design!

Until November... Listen to the Free Spirit, Clearsight, and Rearranged demos while you patiently wait for your Right Idea pre-orders. You know I am! All Hype also posted songs from their side of the Under Anchor split coming out! Heavy.

Stay tuned for the Positive Change.

james/face reality xxx