Thursday, January 8, 2009


YO, December has come and gone. Christmas show at the T-Plex was kinda weird but went along smoothly. Nightbringer ripped it up along with all the other bands. We wrote a couple new tracks for the 7" coming up. I also had the chance to ride in the Right Idea van to go to the MINDSET record release show the 28th at the Championship in PA. What a great show. Great times were had. Evan Mindset owes me a burrito.

On to the new year. January has been a HUGE month for us and is looking to remain that way until February. We kicked in the new year at Refuge with Right Idea, Mindset and Louder Than Bombs on the second. I'm glad so many kids came out and bought shit from Mindset/Right Idea. Cool hang outs were had once more. The next night we played at the Tower 2012 in Cleveland, which is apparantly the Chinese restaurant from "A Christmas Story", pretty cool. Before the show we went to Phonographic Arts, an awesome record store in town and emptied our pockets. Thanks to the dude working there for buying two tapes from us. Any Ohio kids who missed our tape/wants one: Phonographic Arts has two. I'll be sure to head to PA soon with a LOT more money than I brought. We don't have cool record stores like that in Detroit. Back to the Tower. We go on right after Poison Planet played and a lot of people seemed to be into us. Our new friends Mindset played after us and got the crowd going. Right Idea played last and killed the place. Cool Committed cover. Awesome set. I'm glad we've gotten the oppurtunity to play with this band so much. Happy belated, John!

We're recording our 7" late this month and then we will be sending it to our buddies at Dead End records to get this baby pressed!

Shows coming up:
MONGOLOIDS this Saturday at Static Age. You know the deal.
PETITION on the 12th at Refuge. Cool touring bands playing. Bring me a birthday cake and a mix tape.
Our weekend going the 23-25th with RIGHT IDEA, OVERLOAD, and ALERT. Awesome. We'll be in Baltimore, MD; Brooklyn, NY; and one more state around there. Stay updated at our myspace.

Also, we are out of tapes. We're going to put some songs on a CD-R (unfortunately) and we will have shirts done soon. Navy longsleeves. Check it.

Keep the faith.

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